Welcome to our page where we will be explaining all the basics around how you can get the 
best out of your new Bald Express shaving kit!
Before we get started, just a few things for you to remember:
  • Your shaver arrives 100% fully charged! For a longer battery life, only charge your shaver when battery life gets below 5%.
  • Please read through the warnings & manual below carefully, to ensure you use your shaver the correct way.
  • Clean the blades gently using only the cleaning brush & running water. Do not try slam the blades against the sink!
  • Handle your shaver with care. Whilst it is pretty solid, certain things will cause it to break. So just be careful. 
  • If you have any questions or are confused about something, just pop us an email and we will reply ASAP!
Right, below is the user manual & tips on how you can get the best out of your new Bald Express shaver. 

  1. This product uses a USB charging cable. 
  2. You can use this 5V charging cable on any USB socket in your home, computer or car. 
  3. If the charging cable is damaged, replace it with a new one to avoid any danger. 
  4. The shaver should be charged and stored at temperatures between 5℃ - 35℃. 
  5. Ensure charging cable & shaver are dry when shaving. 
  6. Clean the shaver with clean water, and do not soak in water for a long period of time. 
  7. Do not clean the shaver with salt water, hot water above 60℃, gasoline, alcohol or other chemicals. 
  8. Cover the rotary shaver head when traveling to protect the blades. 
  9. When in use or charging, the shaver may heat a little bit. This is perfectly normal. 
  10.  Do not store in direct sunlight.
  11. LED Display shows battery %, cleaning reminder & travel lock function.
  12. To enable travel lock, press down the on button for 3 seconds. Do the same to disable travel lock.

  1. When you have less than 5% battery life left, the LED display will remind you to charge your shaver. 
  2. Plug the USB charger into the electric shaver, and charge in any USB wall plug, laptop or car charger. 
  3. Full charging takes a maximum of 90 minutes. When the LED display shows 100, then your shaver is fully charged. Please do not overcharge your shaver, or leave it to charge overnight.
Depending on your shaving habits, a full battery should last for about 50 - 60 minutes of shave time. On average, head shavers get about 15 head shaves per charge.
  1. Turn on the shaver and gently start shaving your head. There is no need to apply pressure or to push the shaver hard against your skin. 
  2. To perfect shaving your head, it will take a few tries. The best way is to shave in circular motions, slowly moving up and down your head. Eventually, you’ll find what works best for you. 
  3. Dry shaving is the quickest & most efficient way to use this shaver, however feel free to wet your head with warm water beforehand if you feel this will be more comfortable. 
  4. The rotary blade works best on hair that is does not have more than 4-6 days of growth. If your hair is longer, first trim it using the precision trimmer attachment.
Depending on how long your hair is, the blades might fill up with hair before you complete your shave. However, if you shave every 2 days, then this will not be the case.

To clean your rotary shaver blades properly, follow the 4 basic steps below!
Be gentle when removing and putting on the various heads. They fall into place quite easily! 

If used & cleaned correctly, the rotary head shaver blades should last you 3-5 months before a replacement is required. 
This will differ depending on a few factors such as your hair type, how often you shave etc.

Each attachment clips into the shaver when lined up correctly. You will know that the attachment is secured when you hear it click in.
Make sure to line up the attachment with the input on the motor. Once in correctly, you'll know it is secure as it will feel sturdy. Do not force the attachments. Any issues regarding this, please contact us immediately!
All Bald Express kits come with a travel case.
When traveling, please put your shaver in its case! This ensures your shaver and its attachments remain safe.
Taking care of your shaver and all of its accessories will ensure a long lasting product! 

Try and always get in the habit of cleaning the shaver directly after use, and keeping it stored in a safe location where it won’t get damaged or fall down. 

We want you to get the best out of the Bald Express! Any questions or issues, please feel free to get in touch with our team. Happy shaving!