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Bald Boss
Bald Feeling (France)
Excellent Bald Care! 👨🏻‍🦲

Such a good product!!!! Simple et Efficace and I really like that!
The fragrance is very light as the texture is and it's not greasy! What a good point!
It gives a good Hydratation and a good feeling!!! 👨🏻‍🦲

Thanks so much! Be sure to keep an eye out for future awesome products =)

Bald Boss
David (Germany)

The Bald Boss is what you need to take care of your bald head!
It hydrates your skin, is not sticky and just feels good.
I highly recommend this!

Bald Boss
Émile Styx
Divine vegan moisturizer!

A surprising moisturizer as much for its light texture, its sweet fragrance as for its soothing properties.
A feeling of freshness.
No itching.
A success for a 100% vegan product!
I highly recommend.

No itching indeed sir!

Bald Boss
Christoph (Germany)
Definitely the Boss!

Doesn’t burn when using it directly after shaving, leaves the skin nicely soft and clean, actually hydrates (and not just leaves the skin slicky), feels great to use!

We are happy you enjoying it =)

Bald Boss
John-Jonne Smith (United States)
Healthy Product

This product is very helpful for my moisturizing needs. From packaging to sharing with my friends the product has proven to give a safety net from protection of skin and its 100% Vegan!

Thanks for the review!

Bald Boss
Kevin McGlauchlen (United States)
Great product

I use this the day after shaving. The lotion is invigorating when applied. It's not greasy and absorbs well. The smell is pleasent. My forehead has been felt dry recently and has softened since using the Bald Boss.

Happy it's helping, Kevin. Thanks for the review!

Bald Boss
Harry Hewson (United Kingdom)
And now for something completely different

Having lost the flowing locks of my youth some time ago, I have a good number of years' experience in maintaining a smooth head.In the past I have used a vast range of products ranging from the budget to the very expensive. All of which have achieved some degree of success, though enviably not always met expectations and understandably so as these were not specifically for use on bald heads.Either they dried out the scalp, were too greasy or produced a shine like a guardsman's boot!

I have used this product daily for the past three weeks, starting on my head and progressing to my head and face.In my opinion it is excellent. No alcohol sting, no greasy finish to the scalp and no beacon like shine.Produces a great finish leaving the skin smooth and supple.Note a little goes a long way.This is a product that has been long overdue in coming to market. Great job Bald Brothers.

Thanks Harry, we always appreciate a detailed review. Love the pic!

Bald Boss 2-Pack
Dan Vaughan (United States)

I had issues with a really dry and flaky scalp, especially on shave days, but this stuff instantly fixed my issue. I no longer have a dry or flaky scalp, and I only use this every other day. I highly recommend this product.

Hi Dan, thanks for the review. Glad the Bald Boss is helping out with the dry scalp, that's what it's made for!

Bald Boss
Andre Hassan Khan (Germany)
Be bald be good

At first it feels slightly sticky, but shortly after application everything is perfect. The skin is so smooth. Bald Boss brings what a balded man needs, well a balded lady perhaps as well ;-)

That's how it is done!


Thanks Andre =)

Bald Boss
Elliot Mason (United Kingdom)
Awesome product

Really nice product, it’s not greasy at all, made from high quality ingredients, would definitely recommend!

Thanks Elliot! Stoked you enjoying The Bald Boss!

Bald Boss
Amy (Malta)
Not Just For Bald Men!

I used this on my face (since I’m not bald!) as a night cream and was really impressed. You can tell the product is made from hypoallergenic, natural ingredients because it doesn’t irritate even very sensitive skin (like mine). It’s also fragrance free, which I was initially unsure about (as I like fresh-smelling creams) but after some use I’ve come to love the neutral smell. Great as a gift idea for the boyfriend, too.

Bald Boss
Gary Owen (United Kingdom)
Bald Boss

Prior to giving this cream a go I had a dry, dehydrated head nothing I tried seem to change thus until I tried Bald Boss. My head is totally different it is hydrated, soft and looks very healthy and no greasy feeling which you can get with other products. Very impressed!

Bald Boss
Saúl P.d.R. (Spain)
Amazing product!!

Wonderful product!
Perfect cream for my bald head and my face, now I have a totally different skin, hydrated and very soft.
In addition, it does not leave the skin greasy and creates a velvet effect to the touch.
Without a doubt I will ask you for more products!

Thanks for the review Saul.
Glad The Bald Boss could bring your scalp hydration and soothes your face too.

Bald Boss
Graeme Morrison (United Kingdom)
Bald Brothers Bald Boss is the Boss!

This is the best bald product on the market! I've tried many and this wins hands down! No stickiness, No ultra shine and genuinely helps the skin on your head! Used every day it really makes a difference to the daily scalp shave, no nicks or soreness. Great product!

Cheers Graeme, you are a legend!

Bald Boss
John Buckner (United States)
The Bald Brothers

Hi my name is John Buckner and I've been using Bald Brothers head cream for about a week and I do see improvements in the appearance in my scalp.

Glad your scalp likes the Bald Boss John. Thanks for the review!

Bald Boss
Carmela Palma (Switzerland)
My bald head loves it!

I have been testing the moisturiser for the last 14 days. What can I say? My bald head loves it! Non greasy (perfect for my skin), goes on easy and a very pleasent scent. I can highly recommend this Product!


Bald Boss
Sergio Giannotti (Germany)

My Scalp was fine after using your cream but I was it not really refreshing and I didn’t like the fact that it didn’t have any smell.

Thanks for your feedback! We deliberately don't add any scents as this does often irritate the skin, and can also clash with colognes etc. But always love some feedback!

Bald Boss
Heinz Pestrup (Germany)
A bald‘s need

I use it after every shave! I was convinced by the neutral smell and consistency. The cream doesn't grease and absorbs immediately. Great product and a super team!

Bald Boss
Tiago Rainho Silveira (Ireland)
Really good

It's a good one for who are looking for a good scalp moisturizer, I have been using it for 1 week and I can say, even in a short time using it, it's a good one.

Bald Boss
Michael Harris (United States)
Every bald boss needs The Bald Boss!

This product is well made and thought through. I love the glass jar that it comes in and the fact it has a dry matte type finish. The Bald Brothers kept us, the environment and animals in mind when creating this great moisturizer. No parabens or fragrances, vegan friendly and reduced packaging to keep waste from the landfills and oceans. You’ll look great and feel even better with The Bald Boss!!

Thank you for your thorough review!

Bald Boss
Federica Fabbri
The Best!!

I wanted to try this product because I had already understood its quality by reading the ingredients!

After shaving, the skin on the head can become sensitive and fragile, but it's not okay to use just any product!

it is necessary to use products compatible with the injured skin and any irritation!

please do not use cologne or other alcohol based products, use the product like Bald Boss, because it is extremely safe for the scalp! remains light on the skin, does not clog pores, does not make you sweat! Moisturizes the skin, leaving it smooth and soft without feeling oily!! As a cosmetics and skin expert (it's my job) I highly recommend it!

We are so happy that women are loving our product too! Thanks for the kind words.

Bald Boss
James Threadgold (United Kingdom)

I love this stuff! I've been using it twice a day on my face and scalp and my skin feels great! I would highly recommend it!

We are glad to hear that! Thanks for the review.

Bald Boss
Mirnes Bakija (Bosnia and Herzegovina)
Great product 5/5

This product is really good. It is moisturizing, doesn't grease the skin, it smells very nice. And most important of all is that product is 100% NATURAL!

Mirnes, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Glad you like it! We hope you come back for more!

Bald Boss
Philip Poynor (United Kingdom)
Smooth as !!

It took a little time to get here as you don't yet sell in the UK, although it seems like it's manufactured here !
Well, i've been using it for a little over a week and i'm impressed ! I've always suffered with uneven/rough skin texture on my scalp and forehead but your product has transformed it in a very short space of time, not to mention a little can go a long way !
Thank you, and I look forward to being able to purchase more in the UK.

Thanks for the review, Philip. Glad the Bald Boss has helped your scalp!

Bald Boss
Mark Goold (United Kingdom)
Bald boss moisturiser

Excellent product, non greasy.
Excellent communication from both Will & Richard

Great stuff!