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Great Product

I shave my head for over 20 years, never had such a great product. It works well on my fave too.
My headtattoos have a great shine and feel smooth.

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The best balm in the world

I have been using bald brothers and it is just the best balm I have ever used. The fact that it’s 100% natural and feels so good is amazing. Thank you for this product. It rocks

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The Best

Used for the first time and I’m very impressed looks like I’ll be using this from now on . 10/10 from me

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Great moisturizer!

I have noticed a huge difference in my skin since I started using the Bald Boss moisturizer from the bald brothers. The lightweight non greasy moisturizer I use on my scalp, face and neck. For the silky smooth skin.
I highly recommend the bald boss moisturizer.

Quality product.

I have had a fully shaved head for decades and have used many products over the years. Bald Boss is arguably the best I have come across, it is in my view a little pricey but no doubt a good product.

Thanks Colin! Glad you find The Bald Boss a great product!

What a revolution!

This product is certainly a game changer that's for sure. As someone on TV who always tries to ensure they look good at times Bald Boss sure is a product I shall be using gping forward, will not hesitate to tell other baldies that's for sure, quick drying non greasy application with a silky feeling, keeping your scalp feel treated in the most luxurious way, well done for this what a game changer.

Thanks Ray!

Scalp love its!

For the past year or so I have been using just normal face creams that cost a few quid from the pharmacy. Didn't realise I needed something a bit better quality until now!
Skin feels really good and soft. No more dryness. And also no horrible greasy feeling after application.


Exactly what my head needed!

I’m female and have no hair due to Alopecia. No one had ever told me how to look after my scalp or what my scalp needs. But I think I’ve found it! I use just a pea sized amount on my head and my face too, every morning after showering and it’s made such a difference to how my skin looks and feels. The natural ingredients make me feel glowy and I’ve even been told how fresh my face looks. Overall highly recommend. 👏🏻

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Love the bald boss moisturiser, a great non greasy, non-shiny product that hydrates and repairs skin. Great post wet shave as well as for daily use!

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Definitely the boss!!

Easy to apply, non greasy ...does exactly what it says on the jar!!!

Love it!


So far I am very pleased with it keeps my scalp from going dry and flaky

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The true boss of men's moisturiser

I've used this product on my shaved head for a few weeks and I am hooked. I love the non-greasy feel and the matt finish it leaves. No more blemishes, and it's even made shaving easier. My head is so smooth now, I'm truly a bald boss.

Awesome review! Many thanks Benjamin

The Bald Truth

Lasting impression..? It's doesn't leave a greasy or clammy residue or feel, such as in normal hair products or lotion. So, although your scalp is moisturized and hydrated it doesn't cause your head to look glossy.

Did I mention it's Awesome and Totally worth the wait?

I also Appreciate taking the time to personalize it with a hand written note as well.

This is going to certainly add to my day-to-day scalp care and confidence.

If ever you visit Trinidad give me a call.

Thanks for the review Frank, glad you like it!

Bald Boss is the Bizz

Love this product from first use , easy to apply none greasy , a little goes a long way so just use a pea size amount . No fragrance as such but it does have a very light pleasant smell , it's a real pleasure to use, would have no problem recommending to fellow Bald Bosses ! Keep up the good work .

Must Buy!!

I’ve been using the face and scalp moisturiser for about 2 weeks now and have been absolutely loving it. I always worry about trying new products that they are going to affect my skin but I could tell after the first try that it would be great. It’s very light and it’s not greasy at all. I absolutely love it! I tend to shave my head with clippers a few times a week and this used to cause dryness on my scalp but not anymore! 🙂

Thanks Luke! Stoked you enjoying The Bald Boss!

Be your own boss

Loving the head moisturizer from The Bald Brothers. It gives a great feeling of freshness without being greasy and a great shine.
So happy I found this.

Glad you enjoy The Bald Boss Gerald! Thanks for the review :)

Love it!

Been using Bald Boss for a week now and it’s great - Nice, smooth texture which is easy to rub in and you don’t need much (which is just as well as the tub is quite small). I also like the fact it’s odourless, rather than it have a scent.

I tend to shave my head every two days with clippers which can often leave my head a bit dry and irritated but using this really helps.

Bald Boss lets me take pride in my hair (head) care routine again - Thanks so much guys!

Be a boss, a bald boss!

After using bald brothers bald boss moisturiser on my scalp let me tell you you can instantly tell the difference, I'm so used to stinging and irritation from other brands that I thought it wasn't working haha, I get be the bald brothers bald boss moisturiser a ten out of ten, this is seriously a game changer thank you so much guys!!!

Appreciate the feedback and pics. Glad it's working out!

Excellent Bald Care! 👨🏻‍🦲

Such a good product!!!! Simple et Efficace and I really like that!
The fragrance is very light as the texture is and it's not greasy! What a good point!
It gives a good Hydratation and a good feeling!!! 👨🏻‍🦲

Thanks so much! Be sure to keep an eye out for future awesome products =)


The Bald Boss is what you need to take care of your bald head!
It hydrates your skin, is not sticky and just feels good.
I highly recommend this!

Divine vegan moisturizer!

A surprising moisturizer as much for its light texture, its sweet fragrance as for its soothing properties.
A feeling of freshness.
No itching.
A success for a 100% vegan product!
I highly recommend.

No itching indeed sir!

Definitely the Boss!

Doesn’t burn when using it directly after shaving, leaves the skin nicely soft and clean, actually hydrates (and not just leaves the skin slicky), feels great to use!

We are happy you enjoying it =)

Healthy Product

This product is very helpful for my moisturizing needs. From packaging to sharing with my friends the product has proven to give a safety net from protection of skin and its 100% Vegan!

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Great product

I use this the day after shaving. The lotion is invigorating when applied. It's not greasy and absorbs well. The smell is pleasent. My forehead has been felt dry recently and has softened since using the Bald Boss.

Happy it's helping, Kevin. Thanks for the review!

And now for something completely different

Having lost the flowing locks of my youth some time ago, I have a good number of years' experience in maintaining a smooth head.In the past I have used a vast range of products ranging from the budget to the very expensive. All of which have achieved some degree of success, though enviably not always met expectations and understandably so as these were not specifically for use on bald heads.Either they dried out the scalp, were too greasy or produced a shine like a guardsman's boot!

I have used this product daily for the past three weeks, starting on my head and progressing to my head and face.In my opinion it is excellent. No alcohol sting, no greasy finish to the scalp and no beacon like shine.Produces a great finish leaving the skin smooth and supple.Note a little goes a long way.This is a product that has been long overdue in coming to market. Great job Bald Brothers.

Thanks Harry, we always appreciate a detailed review. Love the pic!