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Great moisturiser

Very effective within a few days, only need a small amount to do the job 😊

So far product is effective

I have just used the product for a week or two. So far, the result is impressive. My scalp is getting better. My shaving is somehow silky after applying the scrub. I'll come back with a better review in the next two weeks.

Thanks so much for your review, and glad the products work! =)

Small but mighty

Small jars but you don't need a lot on your fingers, so a little goes a long way. I use the exfoliator before I shave my head and it definitely lives up to its name and leaves my scalp Smooth AF.

Hey Tom, cheers for the review! The jars are quite deceiving, and tend to last quite a long time. Enjoy them! =)

Pleased with your product if there is anything I could add to it, it would be a high sunscreen

Thanks John! We are working on an SPF product =)

Great moisturiser

Excellent product sorted out my dry scalp

That's what it does =))

Excellent moisturising

Arrived in good time. So refreshing to use. Makes my head feel smooth and moisturised, I use it every time I shave

Thanks for your review David!

Absolutely epic 👍🏻🐺

What a product and what a team, great company with customer service at its core…. Thanks a million guys I will definitely be a returning customer and recommending the products to all my clients

Cheers Daniel!

Ok Head Care set

I found the head moisturiser left my head very oily. However the scrub was really nice, used on head and face.

Thanks for your review Deji!

Smooth AF ...😎

Exfoliating your face was about as delicate a process as resurfacing your floors. But with new Smooth AF it lets you achieve clear, smooth skin without rubbing it raw. Ive been using the Smooth AF scrub since launch from the Bald Brothers company, and can honestly say its the best product I've ever used , it's great on your scalp and face , great to use before a head shave , it leaves the scalp smooth and fresh. My wife uses it too for her face, perfering it over her other brands . All in all a fantastic product! 😁

Thanks Darren! :)

After 14 use my scalp is transformed!

Ideal Moisturiser

Soothes your head after shaving and gets rid of dry skin. Bought this on seeing a review of it on YouTube by Bald and Strong. Glad I made the purchase. I will be buying more in the future


Absolutely love this stuff! Little bit on my fingertip covers my whole head, face and neck! Been using twice a day leaving my skin nicely moisturised with very little shine, if any! 100% recommend!

Bald Boss

I can tell the difference in the feel of my scalp it is much smoother and it feel such much cleaner.

Thanks John - Glad The Scrub Is providing you with a better head shave!

Brilliant stuff

I was a little disappointed at how small the pot was but a finger tip of the cream goes a long way. Once applied my scalp is smooth, soothed and remains moisturised and flake free. Really glad I bought the product

Very true, a little does go a long way! Thanks for the review Neil =)


Amazing product

Thanks for the review!

The very best of the best!

My husband really enjoys this new brand. It was worth the wait coming from Europe. We look forward to ordering again.

Thanks for the review. Glad your husband enjoys his products!

Great For Exfoliating Your Scalp Pre-Shave

Use the Smooth AF exfoliate before a headshave. It really makes my scalp hairs smooth and gives me a really clean shave. I use Bald Boss moisturiser afterwards. Great compliments of products.

Looking Good AF

This stuff is great! Love how smooth and clean the scrub gets my scalp. Bald Boss also keeps my dome moisturized without being greasy or shiny. Both products are top notch!

What a legendary review, Todd. Thanks!

Great product

Hi this is really something which any man or woman who wants have clean head shave need

True that! Thanks Tomasz =)

Super product

Probably the best moisturiser I've used, no greasy skin, soaks in well and no shine on my scalp, will continue to use this product, cheers guys.

Cheers Mark, thanks for the review!

A Big Thank you to The Bald Brothers for The Bald Boss Face and Scalp moisturiser
Way better than expected.
Only need to use a small amount.
Will be ordering again.
Highly recommend this product to others as well.

Thanks for the review Daniel. Glad you enjoying your products!

Really Great Stuff

Works fantastically well. Actually love it.

That's awesome Steven - cheers!

90 Day Moisturiser

1 Tub of Bald Boss goes a long way. 90 Day scalp care treatment (works out to less than a few cents a day :)) and I'm highly impressed with the results.

Non greasy and very hydrating on the scalp 🤟

Excellent product

My husband has been using the moisturiser for two weeks now, and I can clearly see a difference to his head. The patches of dry skin are no longer visible and his head looks lovely and smooth. My husband is impressed with the fact that his skin is well moisturised without looking greasy at any time. I would recommend the product and husband will definitely be continuing to use it.

Thanks for the review Allyson - glad Hubby's scalp is showing big improvements :)

Bald geezer

The best scrub I ever used top quality

Glad you like it!