bald men's skincare

So what will this product actually do for me?

Have an epic looking bald head!

When people pat your head, they'll immediately ask you how on Earth you get it so smooth.

Your scalp won't look like an old raisin in 10 years, this stuff is anti ageing.

Even dudes with hair are shaving their heads just to use our stuff. Promise!

Having a shaved, bald head is a new culture!

Name a few brands who only serve bald men. We will be waiting...



"For too long, bald men have not been taking care of their heads well enough!

Our products are made to be used by every single guy with a shaved head, and will ensure a healthy scalp for years to come."

- Richard & Will


We made sure to use high quality, natural ingredients when coming up with our formulas.

Our key ingredients listed on our list of ingredients used include apricot kernel oil, grapeseed oil, olive oil, jojoba oil and baobab oil.

We are our own customers, so we want to make a product we actually enjoy using everyday.


We don't know about you, but fragrances tend to be very irritating to certain skin types. Depending on your skin's sensitivity, you might react badly to a certain type of fragrance.

On top of that, they aren't usually natural, and almost always contain certain chemicals.

So we decided to leave out fragrances 100%. The light scent you might get when using our products comes from the natural extracts, and isn't powerful at all.

100% VEGAN

You won't find any animal products in our goods, and this ensures high quality all around!

On top of that, no animal testing will EVER be done on any product we sell.

Our products are batch produced, meaning we only make a small amount each time. This allows for higher quality.


The Bald Brothers started out as an online magazine, with the aim of showing every single guy going through some form of hair loss that there is an actual way to embrace and deal with baldness.

The response has been amazing, with over 30 000 Bald Brothers joining the community.

We have convinced 1000s of guys to shave off their remaining hair, and shown them how to live life the best way possible. All as bald men.

If you are a new Bald Brother, then we welcome you!


Bald Boss 2-Pack

The Bald Brothers

Bald Boss 2-Pack

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