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Nice product

Moisturises nicely with a pleasant but not over powering aroma.

Bald AF Bald Head Care Set

Bald boss face & bald head moisturiser

I tried this for the first time after using other moisturisers, its by far the best ive had, I love the anti shine too

Bald Boss | Bald Head Moisturiser | Mens Face Moisturiser

Bald Boss | Bald Head Moisturiser | Mens Face Moisturiser

Bald AF Bald Head Care Set
Michael Carsberg

Use both products in the morning, skin feels amazing

Smooth as a baby’s

Fantastic products… I bought both the exfoliating cream and moisturising cream and my bald head has never felt smoother or softer 👍🏼👍🏼

Very nice products does a good job.

Very nice products does a good job.

Fantastically Smooth Bonce

Great product…..
Ordered both the exfoliating cream and moisturising cream… Great combination…. Head really smooth and supple 😉

Getting there

After using the lotion for a week my scalp is beging to be very smooth.


Brilliant and speedy delivery and wonderful product

So far so good

Only been using the face scrub and moisturiser about 2 weeks. Bought it to see if it would improve my skin because I suffer from rosacea. But noticing a difference after the 1st week. Time will tell?

Does what it says !

Really happy with product , started to work with the first week and can now see a vast improvement

Still Assessing

I was not overly impressed with the first order of Bald Boss as it didn’t seem to be any better than the moisturiser i was previously using. Plus I didn’t like the strange smell. However, I decided to persevere and order more Bald Boss and noted first that the new pots didn’t smell like the first but had a more pleasant fragrance. I also wonder whether I was not using enough at each application as I have now started using slightly more and feel the results are better. I do still have mld scalp dryness by the end of the day but not as bad as previously. So, I’m still assessing and hope it continues improving.

Nice product which does what it says

Although only a small pot, a little goes a long way. It smells nice and is non greasy. My scalp feels a lot smoother and less scaly.


Great product and prompt arrival

First time and Impressed

Really pleased with my first purchase does exactly what it says in the reviews.

Fresh Head

Great moisturiser will buy again.

Seems good

Seems good at the moment new customer so time will tell

Positive but one negative.

Products are excellent, but without included sun protection it is a problem to use the moisturiser during daytime in the summer months. This must be a common problem, solve this and all will be perfect. Even a relatively low SPF would help.


I've used countless moisturiser since I lost my hair 30 years ago spent silly money and cheap products Trying to find one that did the job .
I saw you advertised and thought well its about bald men and it's a moisturiser.
So ... give it a go. I have to say from the first time I used it my skin felt moisturised without feeling to heavy or I needed more would recommend to anyone with Dr y scalp problems .

Soothes after shaving my head

Feels great to apply after shaving and gently moisturises my head

Great product for sensitive skin!

Amazing product! I have really sensitive skin especially after a wet razor shave, but this beauty of a product soothed instantly and without any stinging or irritation at all - and I applied it straight after a post-shave balm after a shave!

I've got to mention the smell is just incredible, just strong enough for you to enjoy but without overpowering an aftershave. Though the moisturiser doesn't seem to actively eliminate shine, it doesn't add any shine at all - which is great given most "matt moisturisers" advertised by other brands don't work and only add to the shine!

The price is almost in line with my different branded products, so as long as you utilise discount codes then you'll actually save a fair bit by switching to the BaldBrothers product!

Note, I don't think the moisturiser has an SPF factor, so slap on some sunscreen in the summer and swap to the BaldBrothers, my bald bros.

Fabulous product

Really like this stuff. Somehow, my scalp felt really great after using the product.
Will definitely buy again.
I recommend it to all you baldies out there!