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It’s pretty nice. The change in packaging is a bit disappointing, it looks a less premium product. And the consistency of the moisturiser is different now, but it’s nice, it does what it says

Great accessory

Good quality, excellent travel wash bag

Great products

Does what it says on the tin

Shine gone!

Went looking for a product that would reduce the glossy sheen I tend to get on my shaved bald head. Bought the Full Bald Head Care Set, and it's working a treat! The face and scrub is amazing, and the Bald Boss moistruriser does exactly what I went looking for in the first place.

Another Brother 😎

Been using for a week new. I works good for me . I will be ordering more in the future 👍

The Bald Brothers Full Bald Head Care Set

Some of the best skin care products ever!

Since using these products my scalp and face have been blemish free, less oily and not itchy. I use all 3 products and will definitely continue to do so.

Huge Improvement

From a dry/crusty/blotchy unappealing scalp to a smooth/moisturised healthier looking scalp in just under 2 weeks. Massive improvement and massive uplift in my confidence. Never going back to using anything else!! Thank you.

Perfect products.

Does exactly what it says, scrubs, hydrates and smooths. Plus, a little goes a long way. Try them, you won't be disappointed.

Go on, treat yourself

Great products, every bald head deserves this

Great stuff

Quick efficient service. Great product

My new number one exfoliate

I've used various exfoliates for a couple years now, but just recently tried Smooth AF face and scalp exfoliate, even though i'm a daily Bald Boss moisturizer user.
Truthfully, Smooth AF is the best exfoliate that i've used to date! I like how the pumice is crushed really fine and the cream that it is combined with really cleans and softens my whiskers and hair stubble, making shaving face and scalp easier and smoother.
After trying the Smooth AF a few times, I immediately ordered a few more tubes. The Bald Bros' Smooth AF is now my one and only exfoliate, because it's the best i've ever used!

Another great Bald Bros offering

After trying the much anticipated new offering from the Bald Bros, I immediately ordered a few more tubes.
I really like how the Hydration Hero compliments the Bald Boss in the moisturizing and hydrating of my scalp and face.
The Hydration Hero is not greasy or oily feeling either. It is easy to apply and is absorbed into the skin quickly and completely, without leaving that "oily-looking" shine!
I think the Bald Bros have developed another real winning product!

One that really works

Great product. One that works great for me. Tried E45 and Aveeno, but this is by far the best. No dry skin after shower or bath. Feels really good on the skin.

Early days ......

So ..... currenty what I can say to give a fair review is due to current Sept heat (high 20's) the moisturiser struggles to last much past an hour. I appreciate its not a suncream but I've been using out of sun and not sweating .. I'll review again when heat drops. There is noticeably less shine on applications so let's see if its down to high temps the applications are not lasting . .

Husband loves it

I’ve finally found a male moisturiser that my husband loves , uses daily and doesn’t flare up his eczema


Bald Boss has really helped to moisturise my skin and reduce the shine.

Great Product

Bald Boss is a great product. Also, the customer service is excellent.

Smooth AF Face & Scalp Exfoliate Cleanser
Richard Scrannage TRIO PLUS
Love this

Excellent product and company

The Bald Brothers Full Bald Head Care Set

I am more than happy with The Bald Brothers Full Bald Head Care Set , it ticks all the boxes for full scalp and face care . The new cooling hydration serum is simply the best after showering 1st thing in the morning , it certainly sets me up for the day .

When it comes to shaving my head, I can't recommend enough the fantastic smooth AF exfoliater , a great scrub that gets my head ready for shaving !

Then after shaving to finish off the head care is the one and only Bald Boss Moisturiser, I've been using this for a few years now and can honestly say nothing beats this product, it's simply No.1 when it comes to moisturising the skin. Don't look any where else for skin care , the Bald Brothers have everything covered !!!

Perfect solution

Been trying to find a product that is both soothing, and doesn't leave a shiny disco ball finish. This is absolutely the best I've found. Thanks guys


Brilliant product, not greasy and easily absorbed. Will be buying again.


Hi guys, thanks for the product. Not usually one to leave a review but did some reading on your journey and super impressed.

I’ve got to be honest, I found the moisturiser really really greasy. Maybe my skin type? Not sure. But it just didn’t work for me.

Also it wasn’t 100% clear when I ordered that I’d have to wait so long. Appreciate you’re in growth mode and happy to support new business ventures, but do feel it could have been made clearer that I’d have to wait a very long time for the item to arrive.

Wishing you all the best for the future.

This is my second order from Bald Boss and the new product is even better than the old 👍🏻


Both products work well together. The exfoliating cream works well to get rid off dry skin on my scalp