In 2019, we both decided to grab the razor and shave our heads completely bald!

By the end of the year, we decided to start an online magazine showing guys who are either already bald or in the process of going bald how to embrace the change 100%!

Our goal was, and still is, to convince every single guy going through hair loss that they too can embrace the baldness, shave their heads and live a life without the constant worry and stress which comes with balding. 

Today we are proud to offer you a premium product which is designed to take care of your scalp and face like never before. 

Why We Exist

One thing we simply couldn't ever understand is why bald guys always have to settle for using products designed for guys with hair. 

Looking around, we see bald guys on a daily basis.

In fact, there are millions of you on this planet. Yet there aren't many brands focussing on serving just bald men. 

That's what we are doing. And we hope we do it well!

We know that the average bald guy works hard, spends most of his time hustling and bustling, yet still forgets to take good care of his most visible asset - his shaved head. 

That's where our products come in. They are designed to ensure every bald head remains smooth, hydrated and free from any dryness or flaky skin. 

We want your head to look epic, all day and all night. 

Our Product Is Simple

We didn't want to complicate things too much. 

Men like things simple. So we did exactly that. 

The Bald Boss, our flagship product, comes in the form of one magical glass tub.

It's small enough to fit in your pocket, but strong enough to last all day. 

And most importantly, it works.

We are our biggest customers and biggest fans, so you too can be both!

Our Promise

We aren't here to try and sell you some bullshit. 

We are our own customers, and only sell products which we use and love every single day. 

Our products are proudly made in the UK, with ingredients which work. 

Below are our key ingredients which you'll find in any Bald Boss:

Apricot Kernel Oil

An awesome oil which rejuvenates the skin, and ensures it stays healthy at all times. 

Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is an awesome natural hydration oil, which also works as an antioxidant. 

Baobab Oil

The beautiful African tree produces an oil which acts as an anti inflammatory. 

Olive Oil

Olive oil is a strong moisturizer, which is key to keeping your skin healthy!

Our Community

We made our products for people just like you. 

They were designed by bald guys, for bald guys and girls. 

So if we don't like something, we will change it in order to make sure the best is being offered. 

We are proud of the community which we have created. Be it guys from the UK, USA or anywhere in Europe, we love seeing our community grow. 

So if you are already bald, or you think you are heading in that direction, we welcome you! 

Our Goal

We want to become the brand that represents bald people, globally. 

We don't just see ourselves as some business that sells skincare products. 

There is and will be much more to it!

So our long term goal is to become a brand that every bald person is aware of, trusts and enjoys supporting! 

Meet The Founders

Like most guys, I started showing signs of hair loss in my early 20s. 

Eventually, I gave in and started shaving my head. And I have never looked back! 

It's awesome to have you here, and I hope you enjoy what we have created.

- Richard 


Nothing gives me more pleasure than leading the way for all you fellow bald men. 

We are trying to do something different here at The Bald Brothers, and we hope you will join us on this epic journey. 

Welcome aboard!

- Will